Friday, November 15, 2013

our moody blues

First, the picture that I took does reflect the time we live in. It shows how far we have come in the last decade. There is one item in the picture that is considered a current trend -- the scarf. The current trend of wearing scarves as accessories instead of warm weather gear is a sign of the times. The portable toothbrush also reflects the time we live in.However, the football, belts and "Alleve"  bottle are not time sensitive. The football represents someone's sports interest along withe the Donald Duck. Donald Duck could be a reminder of someone's childhood memories and the football could be someone's future or what they are currently doing. There is nothing in my portion of the collection that represents anyone's religious beliefs. These are everyday items which are used on a daily basis.

I think Ms. Munson's work is interesting. How she finds all different items of the same color and uses them to create a design. Who knew you could use everyday items and create objects of art.  

Thursday, November 14, 2013

my collection

hey everyone for this blog post I'm gonna talk about my collection and why collect what i do.So yeah what i collect are Yugi-oh cards,the reason i collect them is because i watched the T.v show when i was younger and my brother and his friends always played it.I have a'lot of Yugi-oh cards i try and get the original ones not the newer crap version,i try and get them when ever i can and i play with some of my friends and beat them.So that's all i have to say and I'm gonna have a picture to show how many Yugi-oh cards i have.

Friday, November 1, 2013

comparing my drawings

 shading with the different type of pencils was very hard to do because I'm not that good with shading.but when I got it done it turned out better than i thought it would have.But when it came to my candy jar drawing I knew i wasn't going to be good at it because i don't like using color in my drawings.And i knew it would be even worse when i had to make it look like the candy was actually inside the jar.And when i was done it turned bad just like i thought it would there is no reflection at all. overall I only thought one of my drawings were good.

candy jar

Doing the candy jar drawing was hard to do because I don't like drawing with color because if you don't like the way you did something you cant erase it.trying to make the candy look like it was inside the jar was hard,I couldn't really get it to look like it was inside the jar.And blending all those colors just to make black was annoying and even though they had all the colors they didn't have a normal really i didn't like this project.

bike drawing

This isn't my first time drawing a still object. To me they are not hard if I'm looking at it but when i go off my head its difficult to get the shading right.even though I'm not good at shading with different types of shades but when I got it done i was impressed with myself.And when it came to composition I didn't really struggle much with that because Im pretty good with placement but sometimes I'l struggle with distance stuff.But all together i really liked drawing the bike even though I'm use to it.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hello and welcome to bobby's random art.On this blog you will see a bunch of art that i make in my creative art class i hope enjoy thanks