Wednesday, June 11, 2014

reflection post

The experience I had through out the year was nothing special i didn't really learn anything I didn't already know so I'm not gonna right about that but there are some things I am proud of . the one I'm manly proud of is my mid-term drawing which is supposed to be a drawing of what artist admire the most and i did da vinci. the drawings i did on my time capsule were good for me because i actually put color to it.I didn't like my bicycle drawing much I thought it would be better if it was on a smaller scale. i also thought my stamp thing but it would have been better if had done it the way I wanted to but it would have taken to long.same with my totem pole if I had more time I would have put more detail into it.

time capsule

The stuff i put in my time capsule and what they represent to me are a movie ticket to godzilla,leaf from my mothers plant,a cinnamon pop tart logo,my favorite song princes of the universe and more the meaning behind these things show that i went to see the new godzilla movie and i liked it.the leaf shows that my mom owns plants and man are there a lot of plants.and the cinnamon pop tarts are just strait amazing.princes of the universe is my favorite because the band queen is awesome .and since i really didnt put much feeling into this its not that great.

Friday, March 28, 2014

totem pole story

when i was young i would be amazed by music my father played the drums and bongos in our basement and i would listen to him play i thought  drums where like the best thing ever but then i started to get into the saxophone i found the sounds it made where good and after listening to music more i wanted to play the piano we had one but i was never taught how to play it only a few things but after that i got into guitar because i wanted to play the songs my favorite band plays and i finally got one so now all i have to do is get someone to teach me how to play.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Art x 3

I didn't really care for this project because it didn't interest me much I didn't like the idea of letting someone else finish something I started or me finishing someones work even though i might not understand what they were trying to do with their collage. so when i started my first collage i just put random stuff on it not caring really on the second collage I understood what they were trying to do so I just continued it .but on the third and final one I didn't know what to add to it because it looked good the way it was so i just put one thing on it in the spot i didn't like and called it a day .and my life lesson to this whole thing was that you learn that you cant always control the out come of something you started .

Fortune Cookie

At first when I was given this project I didn't know what to do with but after awhile of me thinking of what my fortune saying "good news will come to you from far away" and so thought of different ways of how to get letters from far away like in older times and newer when i got to class the next day I just started to draw what was on the fortune I even drew the chines symbols and their meanings and after that i drew ways of getting messages from far away the one I like the most was the map of a small kingdom to another and behind it was a map of the seas and on top of all that was a letter and compass .and when I was done I felt like it was empty but I didn't know what else to put in the drawing so this is what I ended up with.

Pop Print

first thing I had to do to make this stamp is choose something blue so I chose a ying yang book mark and a blue poker chip.the poker chip was just something extra but the book mark was because I wanted to carve out the design it had .so after that I had to draw the ying yang design and poker chip on a small piece of paper with a dark pencil then I had to press the drawing on to the stamp retrace it on the stamp to make it clearer then I could carve it out .my over all reaction to the printing of my stamp was happy with my self but I couldnt do what I wanted to because of complicated the inside was but besides that I was pretty happy with it.

Friday, November 15, 2013

our moody blues

First, the picture that I took does reflect the time we live in. It shows how far we have come in the last decade. There is one item in the picture that is considered a current trend -- the scarf. The current trend of wearing scarves as accessories instead of warm weather gear is a sign of the times. The portable toothbrush also reflects the time we live in.However, the football, belts and "Alleve"  bottle are not time sensitive. The football represents someone's sports interest along withe the Donald Duck. Donald Duck could be a reminder of someone's childhood memories and the football could be someone's future or what they are currently doing. There is nothing in my portion of the collection that represents anyone's religious beliefs. These are everyday items which are used on a daily basis.

I think Ms. Munson's work is interesting. How she finds all different items of the same color and uses them to create a design. Who knew you could use everyday items and create objects of art.