Friday, November 15, 2013

our moody blues

First, the picture that I took does reflect the time we live in. It shows how far we have come in the last decade. There is one item in the picture that is considered a current trend -- the scarf. The current trend of wearing scarves as accessories instead of warm weather gear is a sign of the times. The portable toothbrush also reflects the time we live in.However, the football, belts and "Alleve"  bottle are not time sensitive. The football represents someone's sports interest along withe the Donald Duck. Donald Duck could be a reminder of someone's childhood memories and the football could be someone's future or what they are currently doing. There is nothing in my portion of the collection that represents anyone's religious beliefs. These are everyday items which are used on a daily basis.

I think Ms. Munson's work is interesting. How she finds all different items of the same color and uses them to create a design. Who knew you could use everyday items and create objects of art.  

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